Maui Works
by Maury King

Reverse painting & glass constructions

(All the artwork is painted on the 'back' side of clear glass so you look at the glassy surface from the front and the paint is behind the glass. Some of the pieces are 'constructed' of multiple pieces of glass. Those pieces have an asterisk after the name.)

Click on images for larger view


 Clearly Fishy 10 - Gold Tooth Greenfin*             Clearly Fishy 6 - Black Finfish


Clearly Fishy 7 - Segmented on Clear Glass             Clearly Fishy 5 - Black Starfish


Interdependence 1                                                Proceed With Caution*


Interdependence 1 - Detail                                   Proceed With Caution- Detail


Clearly Fishy 11 - Segmented Finfish                        Clearly Fishy 9 - White Silvertail Finfish


Stack O Fish                                                    Clearly Fishy 8 - White Largemouth       


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